Please note that the dojo is closed in August, the next class will be on 4th of September.

Regular Timetable:

Monday : 7 :30 pm to 9 :00 pm

Wednesday : 7 :30 pm to 9 :00 pm (weapons : bokken, jo or tanto)

Saturday : 10:00am to 12:00pm.


walking distance of Plateau Mont-Royal

Centre Alexandre-de-Sève

2040, rue Alexandre-de-Sève

Montréal, QC H2L 2W4


Metro Sherbrooke ou Papineau


Email: tsunawatariaikido@gmail.com

Cellulaire: 514-442-1956 


Register can be done 15 minutes before the training.
For the first classes, bring soft but strong clothes.
Pay your session (cash or check… see fees)

Unlimited access to all the classes so 5h of practice per week:

1 month : CAD 75 (*)

3 month : CAD 175 (*)

(*) starting Jan 2018, the full acces to all the classes will be CAD 80 / 1 month or 180 / 3 months

Access to 1 day per week (can be Monday, Wednesday or Saturday):

1 month : CAD 40

3 month : CAD 120

A first trial is possible (for free) of course but you can come and watch a class as many times as you want

Email: tsunawatariaikido@gmail.com / Cell: 514-442-1956

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