Philippe Boué, 4th Dan Aikikai, began Aikido at the Faculty of Grenoble (France) under the direction of Eric Matton (4th Dan). For 4 years, this teacher taught him the basics of this art that he has not stopped practicing since.

During a seminar in Grenoble, he first met Noel Franck Shihan (7th Dan Aikikai) and made the choice, once completed his studies, to join Toulouse and train with him. He would stay almost 7 years at the “Dojo de la Roseraie”, studying Aikido with Franck Noel, during the week and during his seminars, during the weekends or his summer camps.

During his stay in Toulouse, some seminars in Europe and even some short stays in Japan, he met teachers who would be as much inspiration for him: Endo Seishiro Shihan (8th Dan Aikikai), Philippe Grangé Sensei (6th dan Aikikai), Dirk Mueller Sensei (6th Dan Aikikai) ...
After some back and forth between Germany and Toulouse, he flew to Quebec, where he settled in Montreal. He shortly joined the Shoshin Dojo under the direction of Karl Grignon (4th Dan Aikikai) and practiced under his direction for 6 years.

During these 6 years, Philippe resumed teaching Aikido, from time to time in Montreal but also at Aikido Sanso St. Jerome where Marc-André Lalande Sensei invites him to teach regularly.
After 20 years of practice in early 2016 Philippe Boué decided to open his dojo to teach his practice of Aikido.

Email: / Cell: 514-442-1956

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